By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | April 25, 2022

Governor Newsom and the Legislative leadership agree that inflation is creating real pain for real families.

They agree that higher gas prices hurt people who have no choice but to drive to work. They understand that the lower your income the farther you drive to work. They also know that fuel costs raise grocery costs.

And of course, they recognize that the state’s current surplus isn’t their money. It’s the money people worked to earn.

Right now, they are debating what the fairest way is to get people some of their money back. Should everyone who owns a car get it? Even if they are wealthy? Should more go to people with less money even though they paid less in taxes? Those are difficult policy choices.

Applicants’ Attorneys represent people whose injury means they can’t work – sometimes just for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years.

Sometimes their injury happened on one day. And sometimes their injury showed up after years of wearing out a part of their body or being exposed to harmful health threats that accumulated over a long time. Sometimes they can never do the jobs they used to have.

But all these injured workers have two things in common – they need medical care to fix their body and they need enough money to survive while they heal.

Inflation has never been higher. Insurers’ profits have never been higher. Medical treatment has never been slower.

California should speed up medical care and increase the amount of money people get to match the rate of inflation. Because all of that money comes from the work that people do.

It’s really their money in the first place.