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Based in San Francisco, the Law Office of Matthew J. Buzzell, III assists individuals and businesses throughout Northern California in a range of areas, including workers' compensation claims, labor and employment law issues, and corporate law matters.

Workers' Compensation

Highly Skilled Workers Compensation Lawyer Serving the Sacramento and the Greater San Francisco Area

When you are injured on the job, you need an attorney with an in-depth understanding of local workers' compensation laws and practices.  Having represented both employers and insurance companies, Mr. Buzzell has extensive experience working on the defense side of workers' compensation cases, and is able to apply that knowledge to his representation of plaintiffs.  As a proven workers compensation lawyer, he draws on his experience to identify every possible source of recovery, not only from employers, but also from third parties whose actions may have contributed to his clients' injuries.

Injured employees can pursue recovery under a variety of laws and theories, including:

  • California Labor Code 132a - Under California law, employers cannot discriminate against workers who are injured in the course and scope of their employment.  For example, if you were terminated, or if your employer threatened termination, because you filed a claim for workers' compensation or an application for adjudication, he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor and your compensation amount will be increased by half.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance - According to the federal government, a 20-year-old worker has a three in ten chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age.  If you suffer from permanent injuries that prevent you from working, you may be eligible to recover Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.  Mr. Buzzell can help you obtain the medical documentation and personal records that substantiate a disability claim.  If you have already filed a claim that was denied, he can help you appeal the decision by filing a request for reconsideration, and possibly, a hearing before an administrative law judge.
  • Longshoremen's Act - The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act provides employment injury and occupational disease protection to workers who are injured or contract occupational diseases in U.S. waters or in adjoining areas used in the loading, unloading, repairing, or manufacturing of water vessels.
  • Willful Misconduct - If your employer consciously or intentionally disregards the rights and/or safety of employees, you may have a claim under a theory of willful misconduct.

If you have had an injury on the job please contact our proven workers compensation attorney serving the Greater Bay and Sacramento.

Labor and Employment Law

Tenacious San Mateo Labor Lawyer

Federal and California laws protect employees from unlawful discrimination in almost all job-related actions, including interviewing, hiring, promoting, and firing on the basis of any of the law's specified protected categories, such as race, age, and sex. If you have been the victim of discrimination contact me, a highly experienced San Mateo labor law attorney.

  • Discrimination - California law broadly prohibits discrimination in the workplace.  Also, employers must reasonably accommodate employees and job applicants with disabilities in order to enable them to perform the essential functions of the job.  If you have been the victim of discrimination, Mr. Buzzell will assess your claim and help you receive compensation, such as back pay, reinstatement, and damages for emotional distress.
  • Severance agreements - A severance agreement specifies the terms of your employment termination.  If you have been laid-off by your employer, an experienced employment attorney can make sure that you do not lose any of your employee rights by signing the agreement.  In addition, if you were terminated or laid off, an employment law attorney may be able to effectively negotiate a fair severance amount on your behalf.
  • Wrongful termination - Termination that breaches an employment contract and/or state and federal laws may give rise to a wrongful termination claim.  Along with discrimination, other employer actions that constitute wrongful termination include:
    • Retaliation
    • Termination as a result of refusing to commit an illegal act
    • Failure to follow proper termination procedures
  • Wage and hour issues – As an established San Mateo employment lawyer, Mr. Buzzell frequently handles wage and hour claims, involving such issues as minimum wage, overtime pay, record-keeping, child labor, family and medical leave, and migrant workers.

Do you have a question about any of the above labor issues or something else?  Please contact our approachable and knowledgeable San Mateo labor attorney for help.

Corporate Law

Highly Skilled Corporate Law Attorney Serving San Mateo

Corporate law matters involve a multitude of players, such as shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other interested parties, including consumers and the community where the business is located.  As an experienced San Mateo corporate law attorney, Mr. Buzzell understands the complex nature of business transactions and assists corporate clients by maintaining an awareness of all mitigating factors while dexterously advancing his clients' business goals.  His experience in this area encompasses:

  • Formation – Choosing which type of corporate entity to form can have significant, long-term consequences to the nature and operations of your business, governing such matters as management structure and the tax liability to which the organization is exposed.  Mr. Buzzell advises his clients on the advantages and disadvantages of a range of entities, and assists clients in drafting thorough formation documents, such as articles of incorporation and bylaws, that will establish a framework that will start your business on the right foot.
  • Transactions – Whether your business is involved in a sale, purchase, or other complex transaction, an experienced attorney can help you remain abreast of relevant statutory laws and government regulations so as to keep your commercial dealings above board.  Complex corporate transactions may involve numerous areas of the law, such as:
    • Contract law
    • Accounting
    • Securities law
    • Bankruptcy
    • Intellectual property
  • Litigation – Mr. Buzzell possesses the legal acumen and trial experience to protect your organization's interests through the intricacies of even the most complex corporate disputes, minimizing the effect of litigation on your business' daily operations and productivity.  As a proven San Mateo corporate law lawyer, his experience in this area includes:
    • Actions for breach of contract
    • Common law fraud
    • Deceptive trade practice
    • Labor disputes

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