The reasons to hire an employment lawyer are quite simple: an employment lawyer is here to defend your rights and fight for the remunerations you deserve at the workplace.

No matter how friendly your work environment is, keep in mind that it can change in no time, and sometimes you have to defend yourself and ask for what you deserve.

Once that has been said, lets go to a short summary of matters an employment lawyer can help you with:

Claim a compensation due to personal injury.
If you got hurt on the job, or got sick due to the nature of your work, an employment lawyer will help you file a claim on time, and use all the resources he/she knows to successfully proceed with your claim. Their experience and knowledge of the laws will help you have much more probability of obtaining the compensation you deserve—this goes from getting money for your doctor’s visits (in some cases you must go to the doctor your employer listed on the company’s insurance), obtaining money for your lost wages, obtaining long-term treatment for your recovery and overall, protecting you so you can have a safe recovery.

An employment lawyer can also help in the cases of discrimination at work, be it because of race, sex, ideologies, pregnancy, etc. As a worker you have rights and must be treated fairly and with respect. If this is not happening, then you can claim a complaint, and depending on your case you can have access to a compensation.

There are several laws that protect you as a worker, and it is the work of the employment lawyer to know them and use them in your favor to defend your rights and obtain what you deserve.

As an employer, you should also count with an employment lawyer on your side. We’ll tell you why:

In the case of a compensation claim due to injury or illness at work, an employment lawyer will investigate the health and situation of the employee to make sure the claim is legitimate and the compensation is adequate.

Having an employment lawyer on your side will also help you when creating or revising the workplace policy to make sure everything is legal and has an ethical basis.

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