By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | February 5, 2024

Politics is getting tougher. But so is life for blue-collar Californians…

Their electric bills are up 54% since 2018. Their rents and mortgages are twice the national average. And the price of a gallon of gas is $1.27 higher than the average of all of the other Democratic-controlled states.

The non-partisan and highly regarded Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) issued a report…

“lower-income communities disproportionately affected by climate change impacts and air pollution”;

“certain climate change policies add costs that disproportionately burden lower-income people” including gasoline and energy;

“new technologies that reduce emissions often are more difficult for low-income Californians to access”;

And lower-income people spend a greater portion of their income on transportation costs compared to moderate- and higher-income people.

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Workers’ Comp…

These lower-income Californians are our clients… and PD benefits haven’t had a cost of living adjustment since California’s cost of living has risen to 42% higher than the national average.