By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | April 18, 2022

The press has paid a lot of attention to homelessness and Governor Newsom’s multi-billion-dollar efforts to help people get off the street.

It’s easy to criticize the Governor because people still see homeless encampments everywhere, but it’s important to remember that progress on something this big is going to be slow. Shelters have to be built. Mental health services expanded.

What doesn’t get as much attention is the progress the Governor has made in helping “pre-homeless Californians” – stopping unfair evictions, providing rent assistance, raising wages, expanding health care coverage. All of those efforts have prevented so many more people from becoming homeless.

Many injured workers are “pre-homeless Californians.” Delays in getting them the medical treatment they need to get back to work pushes them to the brink… and sadly, over the edge to financial ruin. Losing what they’ve worked for.

These Californians are our clients. Our work, our advocacy contributes to everything the Governor is doing to address homelessness.

Of course, the Governor doesn’t get any credit… and neither do we… preventing a problem never gets recognized because people can’t see what does not happen.

No one builds monuments to those who prevented wars.