By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | June 6, 2022

California is widely recognized as having the best gun laws in the nation. Indeed, it’s something to be proud of.

But Attorney General Rob Bonta reports that in 2020, California had a record increase in the number of guns sold.

686,435 more handguns. And 480,401 more long guns. 1,166,836 more guns in one year.

But in that same year, only 10,762 Californians were added to the list of those who cannot own a gun.

In Workers’ Compensation, the numbers tell that story in reverse.

In 2019, only 710,262 injured workers filed for Workers’ Compensation.

But an estimated 150,787 injured workers were denied medical treatment after undergoing Independent Medical Review.

Yes. Sadly.

It’s easier to get a gun in California than it is to get medical treatment for your work injury.