By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | June 12, 2021

¿Cómo te hace sentir esto?
Ano ang nararamdaman mo dito?
Zhè ràng nǐ gǎnjué rúhé?
Igeos-i dangsin-eul eotteohge neukkige habnikka?

You can’t read it. You can’t speak it.

California uses YOUR labor and taxes YOUR income.

But, when a worker gets injured, California’s Workers’ Compensation system still doesn’t translate what you need into the language you speak.

How would that make you feel?

Unequal? Unwelcome? Unimportant?

All of the above?

How should state legislators feel?

Unimportant? Angry?

They wrote a law that says the system must work for all Californians who speak other languages. However, that law continues to be ignored.

Many of California Workers’ Compensation laws are continually ignored and go unenforced.

Medical care is late. Benefits are reduced for people of color, and injuries to women are devalued.

Here’s an idea.

How about enforcing the laws?

Article contributed by CAAA Political Consultant Richie Ross