By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | Dec 4, 2023

A few years ago, a national analysis of delays in Workers’ Compensation medical treatment ranked California as having the worst delays in the United States.

California’s “worst” state status for working people is confirmed again in a more recent CBS National News Investigation of Wage Theft.

CBS National News
January 24, 2023

“If someone steals money from their employer, they could be guilty of a serious crime. But what if an employer takes money from their employee’s paychecks?  There’s a good chance they’ll get away with it, a CBS News investigation found.

“Whether it’s paying less than minimum wage, withholding tips or pressuring staff to work off the clock, so-called wage theft siphons billions from paychecks.

“In nearly 30,000 cases CBS News analyzed, $10,000 or more was owed.

“In California wage theft claimants had the longest wait times of any state whose data CBS News analyzed: 439 days. And less than half of the cases resulted in a payment.”

California likes to brag about its progressive policies.
If only the bragging was backed up with enforcement…