By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | Sep 5, 2023

The State Auditor just released a new report on the failures of the Employment Development Department’s mishandling of the state’s unemployment insurance program which resulted in a $20 billion loss.

50% of denied claims are overturned – the 3rd worst in the nation.

An audit 9 years ago, found the same results.

9 years – no improvement at EDD.

No difference at DWC.

California’s Department of Workers’ Compensation runs a system that ranks even worse.

The Workers Compensation Research Institute ranked California’s delays from date of injury to date of medical treatment (except for the initial medical treatment) as the worst it studied in the nation.

74 days for major surgery.

What does this mean when it comes to legislative reform…

EDD won’t support Unemployment Insurance for striking workers. DWC won’t extend Temporary Disability benefits when treatment is delayed.

EDD + DWC = Unhappy Labor Day