By The California Applicants’ Attorneys Association | June 7, 2021

Cal/OSHA has a disturbing pattern. They make a big deal when they announce fines. They are silent when it comes to how much they collect.

Foster Farms poultry plant is the latest example. The LA Times headline read: “Cal/OSHA proposes nearly $300,000 in fines tied to Foster Farms COVID-19 outbreaks”

The Times reports that 12 workers died.

Putting aside that the “BIG” announcement actually equates to a small fine of $25,000 for each dead worker, the real story will come when the other shoe drops. That shoe won’t come in a Cal/OSHA press release. The amount of the collected fine will be tucked away in some obscure space on the internet.

Why do we suspect this?

Because in the past the average fine actually collected by Cal/OSHA averages less than the $490 fine imposed for illegally driving in an HOV lane.

Article contributed by CAAA Political Consultant Richie Ross